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Make up

We put your natural beauty in the right light. 

Morning make-up stress is a thing of the past.

Properly shaped eyebrows, flawless eyeliner and beautiful lip contours.

With the right technique and the right understanding of your naturalness, your permanent make-up becomes unique and emphasizes your natural beauty.



Cosmetics Viktoria offers you different forms of eyeliner to beautify your eyes.

  • Lash line thickening

  • Eyeliner / eyeliner

  • Eyeliner below

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We recommend permanent makeup if:

  • the eyebrows do not grow in an aesthetically beautiful shape or are perceived as too short,

  • the eyebrows no longer grow back due to years of excessive plucking and as a result appear sparse or irregular and more and more gaps appear in the eyebrow area,

  • the color and intensity is perceived as too weak, as is often the case with blond brow hairs,

  • more and more gaps appear in the area of the eyebrows


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After permanent make-up, the mouth looks naturally fresh and is always perfectly shaped thanks to the clear contours.

  • lip contouring

  • Lip modeling (partial shading)

  • Lip color refreshment (full shading)

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When permanent make-up gets old

  • Permanent make-up lasts differently from person to person. Before it starts to fade, it should be refreshed. Although "permanent" actually means incessantly, even good permanent make-up fades after a few years due to the cell renewal of the skin.

  • If you are excited about the benefits of your permanent make-up and want to keep your drawings, experience has shown that a touch-up is beneficial after about 3 to 5 years.

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pmu braue.png


correction options

  • With permanent make-up treatments, there is only the option of covering the affected skin areas with either a suitable skin tone or the shade that is more suitable for the customer. Our goal is not only to retouch the so-called "EXTERNAL WORK", but at the same time to achieve the best possible aesthetic end result for the customer.

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